The need for high safer and more potent therapies for cancer patients led Himalaya to the Conditionally Active Biologics (CAB) technology. CAB antibodies are innovative, differentiated therapeutics. They are selective and bind reversibly only to targets on tumor cells, and not on normal cells, thereby widening the therapeutic window. In non-human primate and patient studies to date, CAB antibodies have demonstrated high safety with higher potency.

As cancer therapies, CAB antibodies are active in the microenvironment associated with cancer cells, and inactive against normal cells, which lack this micro environment. CAB antibodies can reduce or eliminate potential on-target, off-tumor toxicity, offering improved safety and efficacy, while also enabling combination therapies which have suffered from significant safety challenges. CAB antibodies are a solution to toxicity challenges associated with cancer therapies, allowing for the potential of more effective treatments.

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Himalaya is advancing a pipeline of multiple CAB antibodies, licensed exclusively from BioAtla.

This pipeline includes two US P2 clinical stage (CAB-AXL-ADC and CAB-ROR2-ADC) and seven preclinical stage CAB antibody cancer therapeutics in greater China. In addition, the company has rights to two preclinical antibodies (one CAB-bispecific and one non-CAB antibody) worldwide.

Drug quality and safety for patients are of utmost importance to Himalaya. We employ precision medicine practices to tailor drugs to individual patients.


Clinical trials are human research studies are designed to evaluate if an investigational medicine is safe and effective for patients. Learn more about ongoing clinical trials for Himalaya’s CAB antibodies.

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