Philippe Martin

Vice President, Global Project Management

Mr. Martin is the Head of Global Project Management for Himalaya Therapeutics and Vice President of Alliance Management & Project Leadership at BioAtla. He has over 20 years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry experience developing and commercializing innovative therapies in the fields of Immunology, Oncology and Neurology. In his ten years at Celgene from 2008-2018 his leadership role expanded from Executive Director, Project Leadership where he led the development and commercialization of the blockbuster drug OTEZLA, to Corporate Vice President where he oversaw the development and operations of the Inflammation & Immunology Franchise. Prior to his tenure at Celgene, Mr. Martin held multiple positions at Schering-Plough (acquired by Merck) where he oversaw the anti-TNF alpha collaboration with Johnson &Johnson and led the REMICADE lifecycle strategy and operations, as well as SIMPONI development, Regulatory approvals and preparation for launch in multiple indications. Prior to Schering-Plough, Mr. Martin held multiple positions at Aventis & Solvay in Business Development and Sales & Marketing. Mr. Martin received his MS. degree in Organic Chemistry from the PARIS VI University in France and his Masters of Business Management from E.M Lyon business school in Lyon, France.