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Dr. Tan Xiangdong


Dr Tan has over four decades of professional experience working in financial services, top tier banking management, investment banking, securities industry leadership, asset management, IPO advisory and in management of listed public companies.

His experience includes over a decade at ICBC, as head of a provincial branch, as well as significant senior level leadership roles at several top tier securities firms (eg, Beijing Securities, Baoying Asset Mananagement, etc) and listed companies such as Welichem Biotech Inc. (Listed in TSX Venture Exchange), China Best Group Holding Limited (370.HK), China Ludao Technology Company Limited (2023.HK).

Dr. Tan has 3 degrees, including a Bachelor of Finance from Hunan University, a Master of Finance from China’s Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and a Doctor of Philosophy in economics from the University of Xiamen.

Born and educated in Mainland China, Dr. Tan participated in the opening up of the Chinese market, and most importantly in the establishment of its financial services industry, since the 1980’s. Having immigrated overseas to in public Biotech company leadership, he now lives in Hong Kong and continues to remain close to the financial market.